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Conversations that Move the Needle

Tamlyn M. Hunt leads explorations into possible futures based on the changes and issues we're facing in many areas. His political, social,  and philosophical commentary attempts to connect current issues with a bigger picture about human progress and stewardship.

Tamlyn brings philosophical ideas down to Earth and into practice by blending them with rational examination and practical  implementation.

Topics of Discussion

Reconciling Science and Spirituality

What are the threads that connect the seemingly contradictory poles of science and spirituality? And how can we employ those findings in pursuit of both personal growth and a grounded sense of connection with something bigger?


Public Policy

How can we relate to current affairs and steer policy to support the long-term wellbeing of humans and our environment?


Consciousness and Neuroscience

How does the form and function of our brains and beings contribute to the experience of consciousness?



How can we mindfully co-exist with emerging technologies so we can use them without them using us? Where do we need to slow down and proceed with caution in this rapidly moving space?

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