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Tamlyn Hunt

Official website of author and scholar, Tam Hunt, announcing the upcoming new book of essays

Commerce of Mind: New Essays in Science, Philosophy and Spirituality

Hunt's work has appeared at Scientific American, Slate, Nautilus, LA Times,,,, Tricycle, and many others


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"Hunt, dissatisfied by the dichotomy between traditional religion and scientific atheism, has chosen to follow a different path, pairing a spiritual awareness with a respect for modern science. His work is an attempt to tie these two facets of existence together and to provide the reader with spiritual direction in an age dominated by science and reason."

"By reading Eco, Ego and Eros, you are about to embark on such a voyage of discovery that uses rational analysis by some of the greatest Western thinkers, combined with the experimental and theoretical investigation of nature, to make sense of the riddle of our existence."

"This book shows the sizzling future of clean energy with enough enthusiasm to dispel the doom-and-gloom that paralyzes most discussions of climate change."

Kirkus Reviews, 2017 review of Mind, World, God, Science and Spirit in the 21st Century

Christof Koch, from the Foreword to Eco, Ego, Eros

Durwood Zaelke, President, Institute for Global Governance and Sustainable Development, review of Solar: Why Our Energy Future Is So Bright

In The Press


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Tam is a lawyer by day and writer and scholar by night. He trained in evolutionary biology and then attended law school and became an environmental lawyer focused on renewable energy law and policy. 

He's balanced his day job in Hawaii with his passion for writing and scholarship and has published a number of collections of essays on philosophy, spirituality, cognitive science, and renewable energy and climate change. 

He is co-developer of the General Resonance Theory of consciousness, with Prof. Jonathan Schooler, and has published a number of peer-reviewed articles fleshing out the details of this rigorous approach to the study of consciousness. 

He is working on his second novel, Leilani, set on the Big Island of Hawaii where he has lived since 2016. 

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